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Cake Menu

Choose from our Seasonal, Classic, or Sophisticated cake menus below!

Summer Seasonal Cakes

A summery selection of flavors to choose from

Slice of Cake

Summer Sage

Cake: butter cake with roasted pistachios

Filling: rosemary & thyme infused caramel

Frosting: sage buttercream

Slice of Cake

Fresh Garden Mint

Cake: choice of butter cake or fudgey chocolate cake

Filling: garden mint buttercream or garden mint chocolate ganache

Frosting: fresh garden mint buttercream

Slice of Cake

Peaches & Cream

Cake: cinnamon butter cake

Filling: homemade local peach compote

Frosting: vanilla bean buttercream

Slice of Cake

Piña Colada Cake

Cake: genoise sponge cake soaked with rum nectar

Filling: homemade pineapple compote

Frosting: coconut milk buttercream

Slice of Cake

Honey & Flowers

Cake: genoise sponge cake, soaked in organic chamomile & elderflower nectar

Filling & Frosting: salted honey buttercream, fresh dandelion petals

Slice of Cake

Juniper Poppyseed

Cake: genoise poppyseed sponge cake, soaked in wild foraged juniper berry nectar

Filling & Frosting: limoncello buttercream (or fresh lemon for non-alcohol)

Classic Cakes

Well known classics

Slice of Cake

Vanilla Bean

Slice of Cake

Strawberry Goodness

Cake: butter cake with vanilla bean

Filling & Frosting: salted vanilla bean buttercream

Cake: butter cake with farm-fresh strawberries

Filling: homemade strawberry compote

Frosting: for pink cake: strawberry buttercream; for white cake: coconut milk buttercream or classic buttercream with lemon rind

Slice of Cake

Chocolate Indulgence

Cake: fudgey chocolate cake

Filling: rich chocolate ganache

Frosting: chocolatey buttercream

Decoration: shiny chocolate glaze and handmade truffles

Slice of Cake

Rocky Road

Cake: fudgey chocolate cake

Filling: chocolate ganache with homemade marshmallow and toasted pecans

Frosting: chocolatey buttercream

Decoration: bits of homemade marshmallow, toasted nuts

Slice of Cake

German Chocolate

Cake: fudgey chocolate cake

Filling: buttery coconut pecan filling

Frosting: chocolatey buttercream

Slice of Cake

Kefir Carrot Cake

Cake: carrot cake

Filling & Frosting: tangy kefir buttercream

Sophisticated Cakes

For those with curious tongues!

Slice of Cake

Floral Citrus Cake

Cake: genoise sponge cake soaked with limoncello nectar (lemon rind for no alcohol)

Filling: choice of fresh-squeezed lemon or grapefruit curd

Frosting: blossom buttercream

Decoration: candied lemon or grapefruit rind

Slice of Cake

Orange Blossom Special

Cake: butter cake with orange blossom notes

Filling: fresh-squeezed orange curd

Frosting: blossom buttercream with orange zest

Slice of Cake

Pistachio & Cardamom

Cake: butter cake with roasted pistachios

Filling & Frosting: coconut milk buttercream with homemade cardamom essence

Slice of Cake

Espresso Cake

Cake: choice of butter cake or fudgey chocolate cake

Filling & Frosting: Italian buttercream with espresso & homemade brûlée sugar essence

Decoration: Casa Chocolate’s coffee-chocolate disks

Slice of Cake

Chocolate & Chilis

Cake: fudgey chocolate cake with cayenne and cinnamon

Filling: milk chocolate ganache infused with seasonal dried chili peppers

Frosting: creamy chocolate Italian buttercream

Decoration: cayenne dark chocolate shiny glaze drips

Slice of Cake

Chocolate Rye Spice

Cake: dark chocolate rye cake

Filling: milk chocolate ganache with caraway, citrus, & pecan

Frosting: cinnamon buttercream

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